A significant minority of mothers live daily lives, separated from their children and I am one of them. I have become very aware that my story although a nightmare is not unique...

Monday, 3 April 2017

Positive steps

What the story or what the court would prefer to be a non story around Samantha Baldwin has thrown up is the flaws in the system.
The family court has not exactly done it's credibility an awful lot of good by issuing a short statement, then gagging people , including apparently ordering the taking down of a Just Giving page set up to provide funds for legal representation for Samantha.

 Considerable numbers of people have been grumbling and protesting about the decisions of the court for years. They are divided factions, father's groups, domestic violence campaigners, alienated parents are a few that spring immediately to mind. All see the system as unfair, and moan about what is allowed as evidence. The problem is unlike criminal courts, judges decide the case just on the balance of probabilities. There is an article here by the barrister Sarah Phillimore explaining the difference between the burden of proof in civil and criminal cases.
I personally feel that if the standard of proof was that of the criminal court, there would be considerably less miscarriages of justice and as a bonus apart from revising legislation it would not actually cost the already stretched public services any money.
If you agree please sign this petition , which I have found.

Another cause close to my heart, is the taking of children from a parent who is domestic violence victims. I do understand that seeing abuse of the parent is emotionally harming to the child, however the person who is being abused is not able to prevent it. They are as helpless as someone who has been mugged by a stranger. I was not aware that I was a victim, not because there was not abuse, I did not have a label for myself. Woman , only become fully aware of what has happened by talking to other victims and working out the pattern for themselves. Firstly they and their children need to be safe and supported.They need a comfort blanket not a sledgehammer of their children being removed from them for daring to speak out.
Once again if you agree ( and you are welcome to disagree) please sign this

I know I have wittered on about the problems from a parent's perspective , if anyone from the inside of the "system" , police officer, social worker, lawyer etc, wishes to put their perspective of what needs to change I would welcome any posts, It can be posted anonymously, if that makes it easier for you to speak out.


  1. I have been shouting from the rooftoos about this very subject for over 11 yrs now, what you say in the post is as rife now as it was all those years ago, we seem to develop a blinkered view that a minority of cases are such that a miscarriage of justice occurs, sadly with that view nothing will change until folks realise it is not a minority but an overwhelming MAJORITY

    Jerry Lonsdale

  2. Thanks Jerry. I go back to the evidence gathered before the court cases are flawed. In fact only yesterday, I became aware yet again of someone suffering because of the actions of my local police force. I wish I could stop moaning about them , but I can't because they leave the most vulnerable in dangerous situations. This was not a child protection matter but a domestic violence case. The lady, who is disabled had split up some months ago, with her husband because of abuse. He has since damaged her property on a very regular basis, of which the police are aware. He has now broken into her home and beaten her up, she is marked and attended hospital. The police say it is her word against his. They have not done anything as simple as look for fingerprints, or figured out that she is unlikely to bruise herself even if her disability allowed her to reach the places where he battered her. I am very frightened that he is going to kill her.
    This is the reality, yet rarely do courts criticise police evidence , from the judgements I have seen and anecdotal accounts they take it at face value and children are removed