A significant minority of mothers live daily lives, separated from their children and I am one of them. I have become very aware that my story although a nightmare is not unique...

Monday, 11 December 2017


This is one of those days when I get an answer which leads onto further questions. I now from this article,  the answer to how many stay at home dad there are. 1.6 % men have given up work to be stay at home Dads.  More than 80% are full time workers.
Yet in other figures from the Office for National Statistics , approximately 10% of single parents are men. Some of them will of course unfortunately be widowers. However that will still leave a percentage point gap between stay at home Dads and those that have residence of the children.

So what?
The question it raises to me at least is if family courts normally place the child with the main carer before the parents split up , why is there a discrepancy in these figures. could it be that men who were not previously the main carer being awarded residence in a significant minority of cases?  Or are these Dad's being awarded the children and still continuing to work full time, something that many single mums on traditionally lower incomes than men struggle to do. Anecdotal evidence suggests ,  men obtaining residence then hiving the children off to the paternal grandparents. Food for thought perhaps.

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