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Monday, 15 January 2018

An open letter to Keith Hunter Humberside PCC

I am writing to you as I am unable to take part in the "Burnsey" show this morning due to work commitments. I am going to work this morning ,not bright eyed and bushy tailed, but rather exhausted as at the last moment I had to cover unexpected shifts , this weekend,due to various colleagues sickness and  others leave.
I work in a reasonably, responsible job, which I can't just leave when a situation arises, and I get home when I get home. Some of this may resonate with you and certainly will with the constable dealing with my case at the moment. She has apologised for not being able to see  me earlier and actually said she would  come in on her rest day. As much as I want an investigation, I refused her offer as I believe that people actually need time off.
I am no fan of Humberside Police due to the major role they have played in the situation I find myself in . I do however understand ,some of the stress they operate under. For instance, there was a problem with a very mentally unwell lady in my community, who was causing a nuisance. She was not threatening or a danger to anyone , so I called mental health services to get her more support. I was told that for confidentiality reasons I could not be told anything , which I understood, but if she caused a problem I was to call the police. I repeated again that she needed support, she was unwell enough to have recently been an inpatient and again I was told to call the police. This is where I get cross. What the hell will calling the police do to help her? Plus it is wasting their time. I am aware that the police are increasingly put under strain as society falls apart and other agencies dump their problems on them.
Yes the police do need more money in the short term. In the long term though we need a fairer society, it is the poor who are more likely to be victims of crime. Perhaps we all need less sense of entitlement and more sense of responsibility. I would welcome an answer please.

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