A significant minority of mothers live daily lives, separated from their children and I am one of them. I have become very aware that my story although a nightmare is not unique...

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

But for the grace of God

I and obviously others watched a remarkable programme last night, about @TreviHouse who offer mother and baby placements for mums willing to come off drugs and in some cases alcohol in order to keep their children. Trevi House is the only facility in the country offering this service. A placement costs £38,000 for six months, far less than long term foster care.
Addicts are looked down on as the lowest of the low, which makes it difficult for them to access support. What emerged from the programme , and it  is something I have known for some time , is that addiction is a family disease that is generational and  is often related to trauma. Rather than scorn, they need support; the type of unconditional support that would be offered to someone who could not fully parent their child due to physical illness.
I could relate to much of their experiences, yet I am not a substance addict. I really feel just as many of us walk a narrow line of not being homeless, there is a similar wobbly tightrope if you have been subject of abuse or have more than a handful of  ACES yourself for ending up with addiction or mental health problems. It could have easily been me or maybe you.

Anyone who has read my ramblings before, may have come across the fact that I feel the child protection system is wasting vast amounts of money firefighting instead of preventing. It does not break the cycle, as currently it re traumatises , pushing costs up for the next generation.  We need a Trevi House in every area , with the beds being used. A system that can see long term and is humane.
The programme is available

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